Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (2023)


This article will explore the DCA bot's main settings.

The settings page consists of several sections that can be rearranged according to your preferences.

This article is valid for both creating a new DCA bot and editing the existing bot.

PLEASE REMEMBER! If you edit the existing DCA bot and save the new settings, they will be applied to ONLY new trades! Already opened and active trades will not be affected, you will need to edit them manually!

Before we begin, please ensure the "Advanced" option is selected on the top right corner of the "Create Bot" page:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (1)

Main settings

Here you can give your bot a Name, choose the Exchange and choose the Bot type.

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (2)


Create any name for your bot, you will see it in your bots list and active trades. You can name it by trading pair or settings. But try to create a unique name for your bot so it won't get lost among other bots.


You can choose an exchange account where the bot is going to trade.

Bot Type

You can choose Single-pair for a bot that will trade with only one coin pair.

You can also choose Multi-pair to create a bot that can trade many different coin pairs:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (3)


Recommended pairs

There is a dynamically updated list of coin pairs with the biggest trading volume for the last 24 hours:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (4)

Please remember - the recommended pairs will only show depending on what exchange is used and if there is a coin/-s that was/were traded the most in the last 24hrs. Thus, sometimes this section is not displayed.


You can choose a coin pair for the Single-pair bot to trade with or several coins for the Multi-pair bot:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (5)

Note! You can’t choose pairs with different QUOTE currency on the same bot.

For example, you can't select XRP/BTC, ADA/BTC, ADA/ETH, and XRP/ETH on the same Multi-pair bot. In that case, you have to set up two different bots: one for ***/BTC and another one for ***/ETH.

The button "***_ALL" will add all available coins which are traded with the selected QUOTE currency.

The button "Clear" will remove everything from the list.

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (6)


Here you can adjust more specific settings for your trading strategy.

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (7)

Max active deals

This option is available only for Multi-pair bots.
It means how many deals the bot may open at the same time. If the bot was allowed to trade with 20 pairs, but there are only enough funds on your exchange account to support five simultaneous trades, '5' should be entered here in this field. It allows the bot to start only 5 deals with the coins that you've selected. After one of the trades finishes, the bot will look for the next one to be started by the same criteria.


Long and Short strategies are described in this article.

Profit currency

Here you can choose which currency the bot should accumulate.

  • When 'Quote' is active, the bot will make profits in the QUOTE currency that stands on the right side of the pair - ETH/BTC, NEO/BTC, ADA/BTC will take profit in BTC.

  • When 'Base' is active, the bot will make profits in the BASE currency that stands on the left side of the pair - ETH/BTC - profit taken in ETH; XRP/BTX - profit taken in XRP; ADA/USDT profit taken in ADA and so on.

If trading on Futures, the profit can be taken only in QUOTE currency.

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Base order size

This is the first order the bot will create when starting a new deal. If put 20 here and select ADA/USDT pair for the bot, then launch it, the bot will buy ADA with 20 USDT after the new LONG deal is opened.

In the Single-pair bot you can choose the Base order currency type:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (8)

  1. Absolute amount in Quote currency (i.e. using 20 USDT to buy ADA).

  2. Absolute amount in Base currency (i.e. buying 20 ADA with USDT).

  3. % of the Total amount of Quote currency on the balance (i.e. 2% of 1000 USDT on your balance will make the Base order size equal to 20 USDT).

In the Multi-pair bot it's possible to choose only the Absolute amount in Quote currency:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (9)


If you create a bot on the Futures market, the Base order size (and the Safety order size, as well as Manual SO) will already include the leverage. For example, if you have put 100 USDT as the Base order size, the trade will be opened with 100 USDT size, but in fact, with the x20 leverage, only 5 USDT of real funds will be used.

If you want to use 100% of your balance (which is not recommended) and you have x10 leverage, then you need to input 1000% in this field:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (10)

Start order type

Here you can determine what order type will be the Base order - Limit or Market.

If it needs to be a quick decision to enter the deal, select the Market order (it may enter the deal faster, but not at the best price). If there is a need for the bot to enter the deal at the best price, then select the Limit order. To prevent slippage for big orders, it will be placed at the best ASK price for a Long trade and at the best BID price for a Short trade. Though it might take a longer time to open this deal, there will be no slippage, and the Base order will be executed at the specified price. But if the order will not be fully filled in 40 seconds, the order will be replaced at best BID/ASK price again. It will retry until the Limit entry order will be fully filled.

Limit order type is when the order is placed in the exchange's order book and waits to be executed.

Market order type is when the order is executed immediately at the current market price. If the order size is very big and/or the liquidity is low and/or volatility is high, there may be a slippage when the order is executed at a worse price.

Leverage type (only for Futures)

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (11)

  • Not specified - the last leverage type on the exchange will be chosen (Cross or Isolated).

  • Cross - an entire Futures account balance is available for the bot to trade with. The more balance to use, however, the bigger risk of losing the entire amount in the situation of liquidation.

  • Isolated - the bot will use only the dedicated amount of funds. In the situation of liquidation, only this amount of funds can be lost.

Leverage custom value

It's available only if Cross or Isolated Leverage type is chosen.

You can choose the leverage on the slider or manually type in the desired leverage.

Remember, that you cannot set the lower leverage from the current leverage if you have active trades and/or bots!

Reinvest Profit

The name of the feature speaks for itself.

More detailed information can be found in this article:

DCA bots: Reinvestment and Risk Reduction features

Deal start condition

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (12)

Open new trade asap deal start condition is used by default!

(Video) Do DCA Bots Really Work? 🤔

More detailed information about different deal start conditions you can find in the following articles:

  • Seize opportunities with deal start conditions.

  • Technical Analysis deal start conditions.

Take profit

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (13)

"Percent %" tab

Target profit (%)

This is the profit target that the bot should make from each successful deal. When the bot opens a new trade, it will place the Take Profit order using the percentage that is specified in this field.

Please note - the bot will place the TP order taking into account the exchange's trading fees.

Take profit type

Percentage from base order – the bot will calculate the Take profit target using the initial (base) order size only, without taking the total bought volume into calculations. Let's say a deal was opened with an initial order size of $100 and a target profit of 5% ($5), after this the price drops. As a result, by using the safety orders the bot purchased coins for $900 more, and now the total trade volume is $1000. The bot will place a Take profit order in order to get $5 profit (5% from $100) and not 5% from $1000.

Percentage from total volume (by default) – the bot will take profit from total trade volume. From the previous example, the bot will place a Take profit order in a way to get 5% from $1000.


Turns on the trailing feature for the Take profit order. Order becomes Market and is not placed in the exchange's order book (see more info above).

Please remember - market order type (when trailing is active) may cause losses due to high volatility and/or big order size and/or low liquidity, especially if the deviation is too big.

Deviation - distance from the current price to the trailing take profit order line.

More detailed information about Trailing take profit feature you can find in this article:

Trailing Take Profit: Catch the Rise

"Conditions" tab

Learn more about how you can use Take profit Conditions in this article:

DCA bots Deal close conditions

Stop Loss

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (14)

Stop Loss

If the coin price drops to or below this level, the bot will perform the selected action. The value should be below the last safety order. The bot calculates the stop loss level from the base order price and not the deal average price.

Stop Loss action

  • Close deal - the bot will close the deal in a loss at market rates.

  • Close deal & stop bot - the bot will close the deal in a loss at market rates and stop. It won’t open new deals afterward.

Trailing stop loss

It will follow the price in the direction to your Take Profit target and always stay at the configured level below the maximum price reached. Please remember following when using TSL:

  • TSL won't activate if its price is after liquidation price;

  • When you use trailing for both Take Profit and Stop Loss, only one of them can ba active at the moment. TSL will deactivate when TTP becomes active;

  • You can't add safety orders to the active deals with TSL enabled;

  • Safety orders won't be placed after the active TSL level;

  • When active TSL level moves over placed safety order, the SO will be canceled.

More information about Trailing Stop Loss feature is in this article:

Trailing Stop Loss: follow the trend

Stop Loss timeout

This will prevent the bot from immediately executing the Stop Loss order and can be useful to prevent the bot from closing a deal due to erroneous candle wicks or Stop Loss "hunts". The timer is activated when the price reaches or exceeds the Stop Loss % you configure; if the price has not recovered before the timer expires, then the bot will close the active deal at the current chart price. The time is specified in seconds.

(Video) My BEST DCA Bot on 3Commas has made almost 0.2 Bitcoin with NO human interaction! 🤖

Please note that when editing the bot, it doesn’t affect already opened deals' stop-loss action. Edit active deals individually in the trade if you want to change the stop loss action immediately. For example, you have a bot with an active deal, the bot has stop loss action set to “Close deal & stop bot.” If you edit the bot by changing the stop loss action to “Close deal”, and you don't edit the deal, the bot will still stop if the deal reaches stop loss level.

Risk reduction

This feature allows lowering the potential losses when the market is going in the wrong direction.

More detailed information can be found in this article:

DCA bots: Reinvestment and Risk Reduction features

Safety Orders

The bot is going to place safety orders after you have opened the trade to average your buy price if the coin goes in an unfavorable direction:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (15)

Safety order size

This setting determines safety orders' volume. If put 0.003 here and keep other settings as they are, when the deal opens, the bot will place 5 safety orders on -1%, -2%, -3%, etc. from starting price of each 0.003 BTC in size.

Price deviation to open safety orders (% from initial order)

Distance in percent between Base order and 1st Safety order. If put 1 here and start a new deal at $100, the first safety order will be placed at $99.

Max safety orders count

The maximum amount of safety orders that can be placed and executed for one deal.

Max active safety orders count

This means how many safety orders the bot will keep open on the exchange at the same time. Let’s say there is an amount of three active orders and ten maximum safety orders. When the bot begins a new deal, he will automatically place three safety orders and keep seven more to spare. If the price drops and the first safety order fills, the bot will put another one, thus, still having three active safety orders at the same time and six more in spare. Thus, when the price is going down, and safety orders are filling, the bot will open new ones until he reaches the maximum amount of ten. If set "Max safety trades count" and "Max active safety trades count" with the same number, the bot will place all available safety orders for a new deal just after it is opened.

Safety order volume scale

The scale will multiply the volume of each new safety order.
Let's assume there is a bot with safety trade size 0.1 BTC and a scale is 2. Safety order volumes would be:

  1. 0.1 BTC.

  2. Last safety order volume multiplied by scale. 0.1 * 2 = 0.2 BTC.

  3. Last safety order volume multiplied by scale. 0.2 * 2 = 0.4 BTC.

  4. 0.4 * 2 = 0.8 BTC

  5. 0.8 * 2 = 1.6 BTC

  6. ...

Safety order step scale

The scale will multiply step in percents between safety orders.
Let's assume there is a bot with a safety order price deviation 1% and the scale is 2. Safety order prices would be:

  1. It's the first order, we use deviation to place it: 0 + -1% = -1%.

  2. Previous safety order step multiplied by the scale and then added to the last order percentage. The last step was 1%, the new step will be 1% * 2 = 2%. The order will be placed: -1% + -2% = -3%.

  3. Step: 2% * 2 = 4%. Order: -3%+ -4% =-7%.

  4. Step: 4% * 2 = 8%. Order: -7%+ -8% =-15%.

  5. Step: 8% * 2 = 16%. Order: -15%+ -16% =-31%.

  6. ...

Advanced settings

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (16)

Don't start deal(s) if the daily volume is less than

The bot will start a new deal ONLY if the pair on the selected exchange has 24h trading volume more than specified in this field.

For example, we create a bot with BTC_ALL pairs and set the number in this field to 500 BTC (it's calculated in BTC for any type of pairs). In this case the bot will open the trades for only those pairs that will have 24h trading volume of no less than 500 BTC on the selected exchange.

Minimum price to open deal and Maximum price to open deal

The bot will only open a new deal if the current price is higher than the min price or lower than the max price. This setting is recommended for Single-pair bots and becomes useless for the Multi-pair bots.

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Cooldown between deals

The bot won't open a new trade until the specified amount of seconds is passed.
A Multi-pair bot has different timers for each pair.

Open deals & stop

The bot will stop running after opening the required number of deals. An empty value will disable this option.

The bot will count only opened trades and will ignore the number of completed/canceled trades. For example, is we put 10 in this field, bot will stop running right after opening the 10th deal, no matter how many deals were closed/canceled before.

If the bot is already active when the setting is enabled, only newly opened deals after that moment will be counted.

Simultaneous deals per same pair

Available for Multi-pair bots only.

A bot can open several deals with the same trading pair. By default, the bot is configured to open one deal per the same pair. When the bot receives a signal to open a new deal, but the deal with this pair already exists, the bot will ignore the signal. If you change the Simultaneous deals per same pair setting, the bot will open additional deals when it gets signals to start a new deal with the same pair.

Every deal on the same pair is just like any deal with other pairs. It means that deals on the same pair will affect the maximum deals limit (see above in the article). For example, you configured a bot to open a maximum of 3 active deals, and you set the simultaneous deals per the same pair to 3 too. If the bot opens 2 deals on, let's say, ADA/USDT pair, it can open one more deal on either the same ADA/USDT pair or another pair. If the bot opens 3 deals on ADA/USDT pair, it won't open any new deal on any pair until at least one of the active deals is closed.

Autoconvert to SmartTrade

After opening a trade on a DCA bot and executing a Base order, this feature will automatically convert every new trade into a SmartTrade keeping all the settings the same, except for the Safety orders - they will not be placed in the SmartTrade. After converting to ST the initial bot's deal becomes canceled.

If the auto-convert function is enabled for the bot, then the "Max active deals" setting will be ignored - the DCA bot will automatically convert all deals to ST.

Thus, avoid turning on this setting with the "ASAP" deal start condition!

Close deal after timeout

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (17)

Some traders like to open deals for a specific amount of time. For example, they open the trade at 13:30 each day, but they want the trade to close automatically, whether in profit or loss if it hasn't reached the Take Profit target configured.
This can be useful if you have an automated signal to start new bot deals during times of peak trading volume, such as New York session times, for example.
The time can be specified in minutes, hours or days and the counter starts as soon as a new deal has started.


When everything is set, you can view the bot's "Assistant" window for concluding information on how much funds the bot will require and other useful information.

Assistant tab

Here the available balance is displayed and also the amount that the bot will need to function properly (including all averaging). There is also the maximum deviation of the price of the last safety order in percentage and the percentage of funds used by the bot:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (18)

Chart tab

It shows how evenly you use the funds with the bot and safety orders.

The green line represents the total amount of funds used in the deal after either Safety order is executed.

The blue line represents the Base and the Safety order sizes on each step.

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (19)

Table tab

Clicking on the Table tab displays a detailed breakdown of each step. Here you can see exactly how much funds the bot will use in one trade, in accordance with the number of executed safety orders:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (20)

P.S. There is also one more DCA bots' trades-related setting that you won't find on the creating new DCA bot page. It's called Active limit of DCA Bot deals:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (21)

This feature allows limiting the number of DCA bots' active trades on the specific exchange. Like if you have a limited amount of funds on your balance but you have several bots running and you don't want to limit the deals on each bot. So you can limit the number of active deals hear, no matter how many bots you have.
To find this setting you need to go to the My Portfolio page and click on the eye (👁️‍🗨️) icon to view the exchange's information. Then you need to scroll all the way down to find this setting.

Click on Start button

That's it! After clicking on the Start button, the bot will be started right away:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (22)

After clicking on OK button, you will be forwarded to the page with all the information about your bot's settings where you can Stop, Edit, Copy, Share the bot if needed:

Advanced DCA bot interface and main settings (23)

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More information about this page you can find in this article:
Manage active DCA bots


How do you set up a DCA bot? ›

In the Trading Bots page, tap 'Create a Bot' on a token you would like to use the DCA Bot on. You can then set the following: Buy / Sell Per Order - input an amount of how much you would like to buy or sell, or. Total Investment - an aggregated amount that you would like to invest.

Which is better DCA or Grid bot? ›

A Grid bot works best when any particular pair is in a range with no clear up or down trend. A DCA bot reduces the impact of market volatility and maintains a cost price similar to the market average. A Grid bot allows you to profit from market fluctuations without having to hold a lot of coins.

What does a DCA bot do? ›

Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) bots are automated trading bots that allow you to automatically buy coins based on a preset investment amount and time intervals within a specific period, thereby reducing the influence of market volatility.

How do you set up a trading bot? ›

  1. Step 1: Programming Language. To write your bot, it is a good idea to choose a language that you are comfortable with. ...
  2. Step 2: Integrate Crypto Exchanges. ...
  3. Step 3: Create Accounts on these Exchanges. ...
  4. Step 4: Choose Type of Bot. ...
  5. Step 5: Confirm the Algorithm. ...
  6. Step 6: Encoding. ...
  7. Step 7: Product Testing. ...
  8. Step 8: Live Deployment.
Jul 29, 2022

Is 3Commas bot profitable? ›

It's not uncommon for experienced traders to average between 15-25% profit over the many crypto trades they do each week. New users will likely experience lower profit percentages as you learn more about how to do technical analysis of the market and how to fine-tune your bots to get better performance.

How many bots can I run on 3Commas? ›

Yes, you can run 1 Multi-pair, 1 Grid Bot and 1 Options Bot on an Advanced plan.

Can a 3Commas bot have multiple take profit levels? ›

It allows you to have up to 8 targets for your Take Profit.

How long should you let a grid bot run? ›

You can let the grid bot run for years. However you will also want to make sure that the price of the pair is in between the upper and lower limit of the price.

When should I close grid bot? ›

If you feel the cryptocurrency being traded is likely to suffer a further drop in price, then you may wish to stop the Grid Bot and create a Smart Cover trade to sell the cryptocurrency at the current chart price and buy it back lower, when it has found a bottom, before creating a new Grid Bot with a different range to ...

Is Grid bot trading profitable? ›

Grid trading bots have the unique advantage of turning a profit in time of consolidating and choppy markets, where there tends to be a lot of indecision and confusion. Every now and then markets trade within a range, though they might still move wildly within that range.

How does the bot system work? ›

How do bots work? Typically, bots operate over a network. Bots that can communicate with one another will use internet-based services to do so – such as instant messaging, interfaces like Twitterbots or through Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Bots are made from sets of algorithms which help them to carry out their tasks.

How do bot accounts work? ›

Bots scan content, interact with web pages and social media accounts, or chat with users. Some bots are useful, such as search engine bots that use machine learning to index content, or customer service bots that help users with questions. However, other bots facilitate attacks on websites and mobile applications.

Is using bot legal? ›

What are the rules as per the BOTS Act? The BOTS Act means you cannot use bot technology to purchase tickets and then sell them on. Another important note; it is the resale of these tickets that have been outlawed, rather than bot technology being banned altogether.

Is bot buying illegal? ›

This activity is also referred to as ticket scalping. The BOTS Act outlawed the resale of tickets purchased using bot technology and set a fine of $16,000 for violations of the act, which is enforced by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

How much does it cost to own a bot? ›

With any chatbot builder, you can start with your basic chatbot for as low as $50-60/month (single bot). The pricing can go above $100/month when you need to deploy multiple bots for multiple domains. Many chatbot software even offers an enterprise plan to offer more customization and security features.

Can you build a bot without using AI? ›

Without Artificial Intelligence, we won't be able to create a bot. As a result, it is incorrect. To make the bot adapt to the information and examples, we'll require machine learning. The bot's ability to deduce specific probability on which can be decided must then be tested in the real world.

What is the most profitable trading bot? ›

List of the Best Crypto Trading Bots
  • 3Commas (Recommended)
  • Pionex.
  • Trality.
  • NAGA.
  • eToro.
  • CryptoHopper.
  • Coinrule.
  • TradeSanta.
Mar 2, 2023

How much profit can a trading bot make? ›

On a low-volatility trading day, the stock could move between 0.6 and 1 percent. If the bot doesn't lose any trades in this kind of trading month, the trader could potentially earn 20% each month for an all-in strategy. This means that an account with $10,000 will earn up to $2,000.

Which programming language is best for trading bot? ›

Python, C#, Java, C, and C++ are, by most definitions, the most popular programming languages used not only by retail traders but also by quants in the industry.

What is the best strategy for a crypto bot? ›

Different bot trading strategies
  • Trend Following Strategy. ...
  • Arbitrage. ...
  • Market Making. ...
  • Decide on the programming language you will use. ...
  • Getting hold of your APIs. ...
  • API links for main currency exchanges: ...
  • Create accounts with all the exchanges you will use. ...
  • Pick a bot trading model.

What happens when you stop a bot on 3Commas? ›

The "Cancel" button removes all orders for this trade on the exchange and the bot stops working on it. The purchased coins will remain on the exchange, and the service will no longer take any action using them.

Which bot is the best for automated crypto trading? ›

Best bot for advanced traders: 3Commas

For example, options trading is a tricky business, but 3Commas has a simple, highly-visual user interface that helps investors program automated options strategies. As an added bonus, 3Commas' blog offers valuable insights, analytics, and guides for crypto traders.

What percentage of trading is bots? ›

Survey reports have shown that about 70-80% of the trading volume combining all the exchanges is managed by trading bots. There are different types of bots and they charge you according to the features that you use.

How much should I invest in trading bots? ›

How much do you need to start any crypto bot? There is a minimum amount which can be traded on each exchange, and it depends on the cryptocurrency exchange and the pair, an 11-dollar equivalent is usually enough for any pair.

Can bots have a lot of followers? ›

Fake followers are exactly what they sound like. They're social media accounts that aren't run by humans. They're also known as “bots.” Everyone on social media probably has a few bots following them, but some people (notably content creators) will actually pay to have large numbers of bots follow them.

What is Beast Mode in 3Commas? ›

Beast Mode enables you to open two or more deals (not positions) with the same Futures contract you wish to trade. These deals can be Bots, Grid Bots, Smart Trades, or a mixture of all the trading tools. Beast Mode cannot open multiple Positions on the same instrument!

What is trailing in 3Commas bot? ›

Trailing Take Profit (or TTP), in short, is a feature designed to help you capture more profits from your trades. When you set your Take Profit target on which the Trailing feature will activate and try to increase your profits as much as possible.

How many exchanges can I connect to 3Commas? ›

We don't limit how many exchanges you can add.

Use original names when you plan to add numerous APIs. You'll work faster if you can recognize accounts at first sight.

How do you optimize a bot? ›

  1. #1. First, choose a goal.
  2. #2. Decide where you want to place it.
  3. #3. Give your chatbot some personality.
  4. #4. Write some engaging dialogue.
  5. #5. Gather insights to improve your chatbot.
  6. #6. Evaluate and optimize.
  7. Conversational AI Really Can Increase Your Leads and Revenue.
  8. About CloudTask.
Aug 15, 2018

How do you make grid trading profitable? ›

The grid can be created to profit from trends or ranges. To profit from trends, place buy orders at intervals above the set price, and sell orders below the set price. To profit from ranges, place buy orders at intervals below the set price, and sell orders above the set price.

Is more grids better for grid bot? ›

When you have more grids in a limited range, you'll have higher possibility to executed your orders but less profit per grid. When you have less grids in a limited range, you'll have lower possibility to executed your orders but more profit per grid.

Can grid bot lose money? ›

This scenario will happen when the current price is lower than your bot's average holding cost. While negative unrealized profit is greater than the grid profit, your total profit will therefore become negative. In this case, you will suffer some loss of your initial investment when you close the bot.

What is the best strategy for grid trading? ›

The principle behind a successful grid trading strategy with the trend is that if the market price consistently moves in one direction, your position to capitalize on it gets larger. As the price rises, the grid triggers more buy orders causing your position to grow.

What is a good profit per grid? ›

For the best results, we recommend adjusting your profit per grid between 0.5% and 2%.

What makes a good trading bot? ›

Key metrics used when selecting bots for the Marketplace include risk-adjusted return, minimum trading activity, and time under water. And since the crypto market is a volatile one, all bots are backtested in different market conditions such as bull, bear and sideways market regimes to ensure consistent returns.

How successful are stock trading bots? ›

You can use trading bots (made with python code) to make money. This is the reason why more and more hedge funds, big financial companies, and banking structures are using these trading bots. You can expect 0.6-1% of profitability in a low volatility market. In that case, you can expect to earn around 20% every month.

How do you detect bot detection? ›

How can bot traffic be identified? Web engineers can look directly at network requests to their sites and identify likely bot traffic. An integrated web analytics tool, such as Google Analytics or Heap, can also help to detect bot traffic.

What is bot strategy? ›

A bot strategy is a plan that will define the purpose of chatbots in elevating your business play. The advancement of AI and automation in recent times has opened up many new possibilities and use cases across industries.

Can bots steal your information? ›


Malware infects the app, and the data is stolen. YOUR DATA Attackers make a profit from your data by accessing financial accounts, or selling it on the darknet.

Why are bot accounts bad? ›

In the general online presence, a bad bot can do major damage by gathering passwords, logging keystrokes, and even gathering financial information. It's also been shown that bots can influence trending topics on social media platforms, effectively persuading the opinions of real human users.

Can a bot make a fake account? ›

Fake account creation is a type of automated account fraud in which cybercriminals use bots to create fake accounts specifically for committing fraudulent acts, such as influencing product reviews, distributing false information, or spreading malware.

Are trading bots legal in the USA? ›

Are Trading Bots Legal? Automated trading is a well-known and legal activity across most financial markets. Half of stock market trades in America are automated, and the process is 100% legal. Likewise, in most countries and on most cryptocurrency exchanges, there are no laws that prohibit using crypto trading bots.

What is a bot scammer? ›

Scam bots, in particular, are malicious bots intended to perform bot fraud attempts. They carry out repetitive tasks online, such as sending spam messages and engaging with users online through social media sites.

Is coding a trading bot worth it? ›

But are trading bots worth it? Trading bots are definitely worth it if the logic they employ to profit in the markets is sound and has been tested thoroughly. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case, and many of the trading bots you'll find online will do nothing but produce losses when traded live.

How do you make an automated trading bot? ›

Creating a Python Trading Bot
  1. Step 0: Define handler function. ...
  2. Step 1: Compute indicators from data. ...
  3. Step 2: Fetch position for symbol. ...
  4. Step 3: Fetch position for symbol. ...
  5. Step 3: Resolve buy or sell signals.
Aug 30, 2022

Which language is best for trading bot? ›

Python is a high-level language used for automated trading and preferred by HFTs. It has free open-source libraries and tools that facilitate bot coding and fast transactions.

How do I set my bot as administrator on my channel? ›

bots can be added only as admins, not members. *
In any Telegram client:
  1. Open Channel info (in app title)
  2. Choose Administrators.
  3. Add Administrator.
  4. There will be no bots in contact list, so you need to search for it. Enter your bot's username.
  5. Clicking on it you make it as administrator.
Oct 14, 2015

Can a bot be in multiple channels? ›

Any user can design the bot on the web and make it work seamlessly across any channel. You can connect your bot to multiple channels such as social media, websites, and messaging applications, to reach out to your business customers, improve your business, and boost your brand's visibility.

How do I set bots for specific channels? ›

How to Restrict a Discord Bot to One Channel
  1. Go to 'Integrations'
  2. Click 'Manage' next to each bot.
  3. Modify slash commands permissions.
  4. Add channels.
  5. Use toggles to modify which channels allow commands.
  6. Verify that your changes have taken place.
Dec 12, 2022


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